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How many styles we could choose
2018-1-21 17:25:23

Deep Embossed

Deep Embossed surface is the most popular flooring finish for spc vinyl flooring, it keeps the original looking of wood range, make vinyl flooring looks more actual and high quality solid wood looking.


Embossed In Register (EIR) SPC vinyl flooring is a creative and innovation, EIR used to be on laminate flooring, but right now bring it to the whole new Rigid Vinyl Plank, it creates a dramatic level of realism on colors because unlike other embossed surface it matches the texture of the décor papers’ underlying pattern rather than just applying a generic wood grain texture. Which means the color and surface are 100% matched and makes our color to be unique and elegant.

Crystal Embossed

It’s a standard and regular type for SPC FLOORING (Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring), one of our popular products approved by clients from Asia and Middle East countries. Unlike laminate flooring, the rain-drop-like surface of crystal vinyl plank flooring appears messy and casual. They are more like lines of neatly displayed leaf veins. Crystal vinyl flooring can be matched with nearly all the colors such as Walnut, Cherry, Walnut, Maple & American Apple etc. In the meanwhile, Crystal Embossed surface.

Long Strip

Long Strip series is a featured selection of AIPU SPC/RLVT flooring, to make our SPC flooring unique and perfect, we developed this new type. While all other company can only supply LVT/LVP by the longest of 1220mm, we can supply 1500mm length with a matching version color collection makes our RLVT flooring looks fantastic after installation.

Marble & Stone

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