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      Fujian Chiyu Décor Material Co., Ltd, founded in Oct,2011, has more than 200 employees. as one of wholly-owned subsidiaries of Huayu Group, we specialize in manufacturing SPC floor Bamboo-SPC floor, Wood-SPC floor,and Out door Strand Woven.

      We have an annual capacity of 30 million Sqfts floors in total, in which SPC floor output 20 million Sqfts, BSPC&WSPC 10million sqfts.

      We have a professional management team whose average experience  in their position are more than 5years.

      As a new generation of floors, SPC is most known by their non-formaldehyde and water-proof, and, at the same time, the price is competitive. Other characteristics like fire retardant, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, and big fashion color ranges also attracts flooring buyer to put their orders to test the market. Up still now, SPC FLOOR have showed its potential and proved to be good alternatives for Laminate, PVC and hardwood.

      Quality is quite important, it is the keystone for every piece of floor we produced. That is why we spent more than 1 million RMB to build the R & D Testing centre.

      Also, we apply the 6S Management system , certified by ISO 9001, ISO14001, granted the CE verification, and get test approved by SGS.

      Always work hard, aim high, we strives to be one of biggest  professional SPC floor suppliers in the world, whose annual capacity is 50million Sqfts or more.


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